Julio Jones Possibly Owned 10+ Tailored Suits In College? [Photos]

Maybe you heard last week some SEC coaches crying about players needing some walking around money and how many of these guys are broke. Well, as legendary SEC blogger Clay Travis points out this morning, it seems awfully weird that Julio Jones was able to buy at least 10 different suits and wear them for ‘Bama’s Walk of Champions. Oh, did we mention Clay is hot on the trail of a ‘Bama suit store with ties to the football team?

Clay writes and provides photo documentation of Jones’ suits:

Now this doesn’t mean that Julio Jones only has only ten suits, just that we’ve only got photos of him walking in to football games in ten different suits. He could have another ten for all we know. Which would have to make him the suit-owningest college kid on Earth. It also doesn’t mean that Julio Jones didn’t pay full price for all of his suits. But if he bought all of these suits where did the money come from? And what did he pay?

Even three years ago Julio Jones suits were causing an Internet stir.

Adding yet another suit to the Travis documentation, we found this one from the 2008 Walk of Champions vs. Auburn.



Then we have this one also from 2008, but vs. Kentucky.


Here is a better shot of the white suit, worn in 2008 vs. Tulane.


And another (2009).


And another – 2007.


Want more? 2008 = another.