Drunken Florida Ginger Kills MMA Fighter For Calling Him Ginger [Cuff ‘Em]

Let this be a lesson to all you bullies who pick on gingers. You might get your ass kicked or even killed if you mess with the wrong red. Take Richard Starks (pictured). He was part of a drunken rager over the weekend where some 19-year-old MMA punk was calling him ginger and saying he had “weak knees.” Starks, who likes himself some Megadeath and Iron Maiden, went ballistic & killed Samuel Smith.

The St. Pete Times did some leg work on this random death story:

The Sheriff’s Office did not release a motive for the fight. According to Wansor, the fatal fisticuffs appeared to emerge from a few minor insults. Starks, whom his friends call “Red” after the color of his hair, didn’t like Smith calling him a “ginger.” He didn’t like Smith taunting him for having “weak knees.”

Wansor said the confrontation also may have gained momentum from the vodka and Sailor Jerry rum consumed at the gathering of about 10 people.

In 12 years of friendship, Wansor said he has never seen Starks get into a fight.

“I think he was just being a little protective,” he said, “and just trying to make sure he wasn’t going to get whooped.”

Get some, punk! Ooops just killed the guy. Meanwhile, at the ranch, Starks has a wife and children. She says he gets angry easily. Friends say they never saw him fight anyone.

Totally reminds us of the Australian kid who whooped some bully ass earlier this year.

This totally sucks for Ginger. He kills a guy and Cedric Benson destroys his ex-roommate’s face. One will be going to jail for a few years and the other will be signing a free agent deal by the end of this week.

Sucks to be you, ginger.

[Man accused of beating to death aspiring ‘ultimate fighter’ at Zephyrhills party]


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