Dork Freaks Out After Pete Rose Cooperstown Autograph Snub [Video]

Of course Charlie Hustle was in Cooperstown for Hall of Fame induction weekend. For God’s sake, that’s how the man makes a living. Also in town were autograph dorks. You know the guy. Usually pimps out his kid with a binder of cards. Here we get baseball autograph dork chasing down Pete who has just finished a meal. Rose, not one to do too many freebies, declines. Oh, wrong move. Dorkwad doesn’t take the snub well at all.

Posted: July 21, 2011

Premise of Video: (via the autograph hound) After my success of trying and getting Bryce Harper to sign my (previously signed) Mickey Mantle baseball, I traveled to Cooperstown, NY to try and meet the elite ball players, The Hall of Famers. In travels, I stopped at a local restaurant and was actually seated close to Pete Rose’s table. I was definately surprised to see that THE PETE ROSE was in Cooperstown (Since he is not a Hall of Famer). I politely approached him after he was finished eating and as he exited the restaurant. Here is my documentation of the event.

Climax of Video: Just a second delay and that car would have had a fastball through the passenger window.

Conclusion: Could probably sit down a few Mariners’ hitters.

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