Kobe Bryant Sick Wrap Around Dribble Is Causing Filipinos To Lose There *$&%!


Yes, the picture and video quality you are about to see won’t impress too many HD dorks. But this is from Manila, Philippines where NBA stars, led by Kobe Bryant, have brought a basketball Mixtape to town. How big of an event was this for the island nation? Manny Pacquiao was there to hang with Kobe and see some sick dunks. What he got instead was a Kobe wrap around dribble that nearly caused the locals to rename their children.

Posted: Yesterday in the Philippines; Today in the U.S. Adjust your clock accordingly

Premise of Video: Kobe brings the ball down for some one-on-one action against a helpless fellow U.S. baller. The local refs, obviously faxed David Stern’s superstar rules before the game, obviously misses the travel call, but it’s what the locals dropped their hard earned Filipino pesos on.

Climax of Video: Kobe being Kobe, he drains the fall away.

Conclusion: We’ll chop off Milwaukee and Minnesota and give China and the Filipinos a team each. Just listen to these nutjobs. This is like the next coming of Bathala. Look it up, dude is important to Filipinos.

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