The Paul Pierce El Camino Is A Piece Of Art


If Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce drove an El Camino, we suspect this is what it would look like.

Actually, no. Pierce would never be caught dead in a El Camino because he’s rich and we don’t imagine he’s arrogant enough to drive around in a ride with his number on the door.

We could totally see LeBron James jazzing up an Escalade with his number, the heat logo and the words “King James” splashed across the back, though. That’s the difference between LeBron James and Paul Pierce. Well, that and James can actually grow in a full beard like a man. Of course, Pierce’s beard may look like that of a 16-year-old boy, but he does have one more championship ring than James does, so that probably evens things out.

We’re digressing though.

The car itself is reportedly owned by Tufts Medical Center in Boston. The organization works with Pierce’s The Truth On Health charity and the car is displayed at various events.

And of course this all ties together because Pierce’s nickname is “The Truth.”

[The Paul Pierce mobile]

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