Minor League Baseball Cowboy Monkey Rodeo Night Highlighted By Leak [Video]


Yeehaw! Nothing like a minor league baseball promotion in Nashua, New Hampshire where the Silver Knights welcomed the Monkey Cowboy Rodeo to town Wednesday to entertain a few hundred people, according to the local paper. Gotta admit, there isn’t much better in minor league promotions than monkeys riding border collies. As a bonus, one lucky outfielder will have the chance to make a catch in that whiz. FUN.

Of course some locals were none too pleased about this obvious animal cruelty.

“We’ve been encouraging them to cancel the act because of its cruelty,” Fournier said. “They’re whip lashed. It doesn’t appear they’re even holding the reigns. The monkeys are not in control. They’re just being whipped around and whipped around.”

A few animal rights supporters bought tickets to the game and stayed “undercover” and booed and held up signs protesting the show when Lepard took the field with his co-performers.

“We consider it animal abuse. They force the monkeys to do this act,” Linda Dionne, a member of the New Hampshire Animal Rights League, said. “It’s very unnatural. They just shouldn’t be forced to do this type of thing.”

Um, well, the NFL must not think it’s abuse because this monkey act is expected to make its NFL debut December 19 in Denver for Broncos-Patriots halftime fun, says rodeo master Tim Lepard.

And we all know about dogs & the NFL. Before you ask, no the Broncos don’t play Philly this year. Too bad, that would have been a must-see event.

[Team Ghost Riders]


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