Mavs’ Rudy Fernandez Continues To Court Bikini-ed Helen Lindes [Photos]


Yesterday we learned that Mavs gunner JJ Barea had knocked up his Puerto Rican girlfriend, Zuleyka Rivera. Yeah, she just happens to be the 2006 Miss Universe. BC also recently heard through the gossip sites that Mavs’ Rudy Fernandez has been spending quality time with the lovely Helen Lindes. She just happened to be 2nd runner-up in the 2000 Miss Universe competition, giving the Mavs a huge advantage over other NBA WAGs.

The Spanish press, as are the Puerto Rican news hounds, are freaking out over this power couple who have just recently started to bust open the beach wear. Here are the two hitting the water in Ibiza this week where Rudy opened up his dresser drawer and went with the 1985 beach shorts.

Kudos to the Mavs for going from a semi-interesting team in the Central time zone to an instant Internet pageview machine. NBA title, Jason Kidd’s Playboy wife, Dirk’s white chick and two Miss Universe legends?

Your move, Miami.

[Helen Lindes – Wikipedia]

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