Cedric Benson Destroys His Friend Clavens Charles’ Face [Photos]


So the guy who Cedric Benson destroyed on a Austin street corner over the weekend isn’t just some dude he used to run with that turned into an enemy. The guy – Clavens Charles – was close enough to Benson that he was at the NFL running backs July 4th house party that we documented a couple weeks ago. The two were bros. Beach party bros. House party bros. Close enough bros that Charles would hang in Cincy.

Now the former friends have lawyered up for a fight over Charles getting pummeled. Benson’s lawyers say Charles is trying to extort money from the often arrested NFLer. Charles’ lawyers say that couldn’t be further from the truth. What we do know is that Benson used to like this guy.They were roommates.

According to TMZ’s initial report on the incident:

The roommate, Clavens Charles, told police he was standing on a street corner in Austin, Texas yesterday … when “he was approached by a hostile and aggressive Benson who told Clavens they needed to talk about their problems.” According to the docs, Clavens claimed he and Benson “began to talk and argue about their living arrangements when all of the sudden Clavens was struck on the left side of his face with a closed fist thrown by Benson.” “Clavens went on to say that Benson continued to strike him with several more closed fists all over Clavens face resulting in severe injury to his face.”

Meanwhile, the NFL is about ready to go back to work.

[NFL Star’s Alleged Beating Victim — BLOODY Photo]

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