Busted Coverage Cribs: Jared Allen Selling Boring Scottsdale House [Photos]


Ever since starting the Busted Coverage Cribs® series a few weeks ago, there have been glaring issues with each house – in our eyes. Maybe it’s the kitchen, or the pool area. But today’s subject – Jared Allen – is unloading what has to be the biggest bore-fest house yet. Carpet in Scottsdale? The average temp. from Memorial Day to Labor Day is over 100-degrees. No thanks. The Vikings DE wants $1.4mm. We’d give him $950k & tear out the carpet.

Now, let’s get down to business and how boring this house is. Allen bought the Mediterrean pad in 2008 for $1.4. By April of ’08 he was listing the house for $1.65mm. Eventually it was pulled off the market until June of this year.


• A boring facade for a guy who we envision kills squirrels for the barbecue pit

• You call that a pool? Not for $1.4

• Not a bad tiki bar, but there’s no life to it. 4 seats and no TVs mounted to catch The Hunting Channel – weak.

• Carpet

• 4 bed, 4.5 bath

• Zillow zestimate is just north of $618,000. Not a good sign of the Scottsdale housing market

• Lots of ceiling fans; a TV mounted over a tub

• Can you kill anything in that yard? No. Birds will never return.

If you are dumb enough to pay Allen’s asking price, that will set you back $5,600 a month in mortgage.

[NFL player lists in Shea Corridor for $1.399M]

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