Stephen Drew’s Broken Ankle Might Make You Puke [Video]


Stephen Drew will be on the DL for a few after having his ankle snapped like a twig during last night’s Diamonbacks-Brewers game. Listen, there are reasons why you don’t run through a third base coach stop sign and this is one of them. Tough break, Drew. If you are queasy this morning we recommend NOT clicking through to the video. If ankles twisted backwards are your thing it’s time to let this one roll.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: 1-0 Brewers in the 4th when Drew decides to score from second. Third base coach holds up the stop sign, but Stephen has other ideas. He’s feeling lucky tonight. The left fielder comes up hosing.

Climax of Video: Yeah, his foot gets caught in the shinguard and that’s probably the end of Drew’s season. As a bonus, Fox Sports goes to the replay at least three times.

Conclusion: Just how the cookie crumbles sometimes. If this was a Yankees-Red Sox series, ESPN would have shinguard experts on Live SportsCenter talking about reforming the game. Cowherd would be freaking out. First Take would debate whether catches should be outlawed from the game. Instead, it’s the Diamondbacks. We all go back to our lives.

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