Rockies’ Rafael Betancourt Locker Room Dong Is Driving Denver Nuts


BC was tipped off to Twitter-user and Denver sports enthusiast Cheryl Tweedy a few weeks back by Peter Burns Radio. We were told Cheryl doesn’t pull punches with language (which we approve of) and is pretty cutthroat with her sports observations. Well, guess who was watching the Rockies’ post-game show last night. Yep, Cheryl. And guess who was naked in the lockerroom? Rafael Betancourt & his dong just became very, very famous.

This tweet went out 9 hours ago EST:

Woah who just saw Raffy’s cock? #Rockies

I took a picture…I had to

And #Betancock became an instant hit on Twitter. Cheryl promptly uploaded the full NSFW shot to her Tumblr account so the ladies and sports bloggers could do their jobs.




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