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Novak Djokovic & Janko Tipsarevic Gun Play Hostage Scenario [Photos]

The folks at Busted Raquet managed to snag this photo before tennis player Janko Tipsarevic could delete it from his Facebook account earlier today. Who is the guy with his hands up? Oh, justĀ Novak Djokovic. Maybe you’ve heard of him. Yeah, not exactly the best image to convey to little kids in Connecticut. This incident probably would have left the Internet radar if Janko would have remembered to delete his yFrog pics.

According to the Busted folks, Janko wrote “How much $$$ would Rafa gief… ;)” on his Facebook posting.

That’s not nearly as harsh as the yFrog account where he typed “Die hard!!!!!!!!!!!” The following images were posted 10 days ago. It seems the WTA might want to hire MLB’s Internet video killing department.



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