Dennis Rodman 50th Birthday: Spaghetti Strap Tops, Makin’ It Rain & Booze! [Photos]


Were you in Vegas last night and happen to see a 6’6″ former five-time NBA world champion wearing a lace spaghetti strap top and an Ed Hardy hat? Yeah, it’s no big deal. Just Dennis Rodman celebrating his 50th birthday. The best part of the night? His birthday meal that reminded us of death row inmates chowing on their final meal. Oh, and have no fear, Rodman did make it rain for the women. So. Much. Fun!

According to the Las Vegas Sun gossip hounds:

His birthday meal of shrimp cocktails, chicken skewers, sliders, macaroni and cheese pops, New York strip steak, Black Angus filet and pan-roasted Pacific salmon was washed down with Sugar Factory’s signature cocktail Berry Bliss and topped with a giant King Kong Sundae. Rodman signed a stack of Sugar Factory’s dinner plates to give to fans.

While in Las Vegas, Rodman stopped by Crazy Horse III Gentlemen’s Club, where his group and he drank Jagermeister at their VIP table. Rodman got the club hyped as he stood near the dancers’ stage and made it rain hundreds of dollar bills. Rodman also partied at XS at the Encore with DJ Diplo and had breakfast, which included a Corona(!)

Is there a guy in charge of having hundreds of dollar bills for former athletes to cash in Benjys? Is it like going to a carnival where you trade in your cash for ride tickets? How does this all go down. Somebody in BC land has to be able to walk us through the process. Can you just get 50 singles or is there a Make It Rain minimum.

Have you ever had the chance to “Make It Rain” at a club? Tell us about it.

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