Aluminum Thieves Now Stealing Entire Sets Of Bleachers! [Cuff ‘Em]


Welcome to aluminum thieving 2.0, the stage when morons take recyling-for-profit to the next level. Elve Culliver & Jeanette De LaRosa are a couple of kids (well, he’s 42 & she’s 18) just trying to survive in these extraordinary tough economic times. It’s either stealing aluminum or finding a job and Craigslist is super competitive these days. Anyway, these two decided stealing softball bleachers was a good idea.

Time to send in the i-Team!

Authorities arrested 42-year-old Elve Culliver and 18-year-old Jeanette DeLaRosa. Both are charged with theft — state jail felony. They face up to two years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

Stealing bleachers is not easy. They are significant in size and weight. Yet the thieves were able to cut and unbolt a section of bleachers.

According to their arrest affidavit, on June 26, the softball coach at Connally High in Pflugerville noticed an entire section of bleachers missing. Many had been cut out and unbolted. The affidavit states surveillance cameras at the high school showed DeLaRosa driving up to the stadium in an empty pickup truck and leaving with a bed full of aluminum bleachers.

According to police, DeLaRosa then drove to an Austin recycling center where she sold the bleachers $152.50, far less than the $2,400 they were worth.

Then on July 13, the suspects allegedly stole 23 rows of eight-foot bleachers from the football field at McNeil High School. School officials noticed them missing and called police.

Damn, now that is some work. Imagine how doped out of your mind you have to be to steal 23 rows of bleachers. That’s like a full-time job.

Ahh, this is love. We’ve searched out Elve’s Facebook and look what we’ve found. Dude is engaged to the 18-year-old. Love will do crazy shit to women, too. Stealing an entire section of bleachers screams ’till death or jail do us part.’ Here is Jeanette’s Facebook post on June 21 about splitting up money.

Looks like this love connection will have to wait a couple of years since jail is calling.

[Two arrested for stealing aluminum bleachers at local high schools]

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