SEC Media Day Adds Awesome Mullet To SEC Redneck Gallery [28 Photos]


In case you haven’t heard, or live north of Cincinnati, or actually have a job, or don’t get ESPNU, it’s SEC Media Day! How serious is SEC Media Day? ESPN had a t-shirt printed just for SEC Media Day. It’s also a chance for SEC media members that run web sites to actually leave home and listen to commissioner Mike Slive talk about improved academic standards in the SEC. One of those media dorks came to Birmingham sportin’ this ‘do.


BC editors are still efforting whether that is a man or woman. Knowing the SEC and it’s views towards women (under orders to bring you water at media day), that’s a dude. What perfect locks. So long. So flowing. So SEC.

It almost brings a tear to our eye knowing that college football is just 6 weeks or so from kicking off. First games kickoff Thursday, Sept. 1.

The biggest news out of SEC Media Day?

Slive also wants to strengthen academic eligibility requirements, raising the minimum core high school grade-point average from 2.0 to 2.5.

“We envision a system that would prescribe the number of core course each student-athlete must successfully complete each year of high school,” Slive said. “This would avoid the last-minute effort of high school seniors when they finally realize what they need to do to become eligible to try to cram together too many core courses.”

So far, no questions about sex, which makes this media day a giant bore. At least we got a mullet to add to our growing SEC Redneck photo gallery.


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