Michael Jordan Tahoe Golf Gambling From New Angle & Heckling [Video]


Over the weekend we showed you video of Michael Jordan making tee box bet with some bros who gave total effort trying to get into the head of the legend. Today we get clearer audio and an insane close-up of Jordan coming in for his stash of what we assume are Benjamins. Would you dare make a golf bet with Mike and be throwing down $20s? The guy flies in this plane. He wipes the windows with $20s.

Efforting the uploaders to get an estimate on the haul. Updates as we get them.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Not sure what tee this is, but it’s a Par 3 at the American Century Classic. Jordan has made a bet with fans that he’ll be dancing. Money is placed on a bench with a bottle acting as a card protector.

Climax of Video: “You might not be able to fly home after this.”

Conclusion: Scratch that off the bucket list, boys. We’ve all gambled and have a bad beat story. Ours: can’t remember year but thew a ton of money on the Texas Longhorns, on the road, coming off a huge win. Something like 30-point favorites and had to score late in the 4th to win. Would have totally preferred to lose that kind of cash to Jordan. At least it would have been a fun story.

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