Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy For Using Reggie Bush Girlfriend In Ads [Photos]

Remember that Reggie Bush girlfriend we told you about back in June who was a Kim Kardashian doppelganger? Yeah, well Kim is aware of her and a recent commercial campaign featuring Melissa Molinaro that happens to look quite a bit like a Kardashian commercial. Guess what? Kim lawyered up on Old Navy! That’s right, welcome to WAGs gone mad over new WAGs who look like the old WAG. Lockout, please end.

According to the TMZ crew, Kim is none too pleased that CBS News said that the chick in the commercials looked like her. Um, that story was reported Feb. 24.

We’re told Kim is especially furious that Old Navy has been tweeting to her page about the look-alike — in an effort to gain even more publicity.

We’re told Kim believes the copycat campaign has damaged her wallet somewhere in the range of $15 to $20 million.

Those numbers sound about right. We figure the company will oblige the superstar reality starlet and write her a check. No need to go to court. Just settle at a Chanel store.

Up next, Kim goes off deep end and accuses Kate Upton of campaign to steal Kris Humpries with an exquisite plan where Upton goes undercover as a Nets trainer where she seduces Kim’s new reality star. E! turns it into a 12-part series and girls 10-to-48 eat it up like a pile of Oreo cheesecake.

[Kim K Suing Old Navy — You Can’t COPY Me!!!!!]

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