Busted Coverage Cribs: Jason Richardson STILL Trying To Sell Oakland Home


BC received a bitchy email yesterday from Pete in Orlando where the question was raised about the new Busted Coverage Cribs series. “Dude, seriously, who cares if an athlete is selling his house. More cheerleaders and less Scottie Pippen putting green.” Um, Pete, it’s July. Finding cheerleader material is nearly impossible. But locating an athlete who’s been trying to sell a mansion is easy & we are providing a service. Today – J Rich.

Want to know how bad the housing market for million-dollar homes in Oakland is? Jason Richardson has been trying to see this pad ever since he was traded to the Charlotte Bobcats in 2008. He bought the house in March 2007 and wanted to sell a year later for $3,100,000. The place is still for sale and the listing has dropped all the way to $1,950,000, a huge loss from his purchase price of $2,780,000.

What you get for $2mm:

• 5 bed, 4.5 bath

• 5,400 sq. ft.

• City views!

• 4 fireplaces

• Library (in case you want to read a book)

• Gigantic master shower with all the cool massage jets!

• Fireplace in the master bath!

• Golden Gate Bridge view

Mortgage: (with California taxes, window washer 3X per month, maid service) much more than any of you idiots can pay so dream on.

[5616 LaSalle Ave. – Professional Web Site]

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