Big Ben Wedding Watch: Ashley Harlan Likes Church [i-Team]

The Pittsburgh media is continuing its around the clock Roethlisberger-Ash wedding coverage & BC is along for the ride. Today we find out, again, that Ashley Harlan likes church. Scratch that, loves church. The focus of this wedding remains – church. We know the church where the two will wed. We know the chuch will be I.D-ing guests. Can someone please tell us more about Harlan’s church life? Tribune-Review? MORE, MORE!

*Update: still plenty of good options if you want to buy the couple a gift from their registry.

Today the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review tracks down on of Ashley’s old church friends who can tell us more about why the Harlan family would have allowed Big Ben to marry their daughter/sister.

He asked permission from Harlan’s father to marry his daughter, and spoke with her brothers before asking her to marry him, McCauley said.

“If Ben’s life was still in disarray, Dave and Jeannie Harlan would not have given permission,” McCauley said. “He has made quite a turnaround.”

Sabrina Lane Graham, Harlan’s former softball coach at St. Francis, said Harlan is not interested in marrying Roethlisberger just because he is a star.

“For me, Ashley is Ashley,” Lane Graham said. “She would not be doing this if this isn’t who she was meant to be with. … She is not looking for attention.”

That’s so sweet, but let’s not forget how Big Ben met Ashley. Um, training camp. Anyway, the locals are doing their best to paint Big Ben as a reformed Bible thumper who just had a bad summer in 2010 and that bathroom sex after a round of golf is just a hiccup in one’s life.

How bad has the Pittsburgh media gotten with these nuptials? Eric Heyl, of the Tribune-Review, takes things to a new low with this absolutely stupid column about a tailgating scenario at the church. Seriously.

Expect special tabs in Sunday’s papers to commemorate the big day.

Have photos of Big Ben getting smashed, bachelor party photos or anything Big Ben related that’ll blow this church crap out of the water?

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[Matchup between Roethlisberger and Ashley Harlan declared ‘destiny’]

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