Better Rack At Wrigley: Phillies Fan Or Bikini Chick?


It’s hot here in the Midwest. Like burn you to a crispy chicken wing hot. But that hasn’t stopped Phillies fan from invading the bleachers at Wrigley, according to our friends at Crossing Broad. On a slow sports day it doesn’t take much to get the attention of the Internet, hence a debate. Better rack: man cans vs. fake cans? Debate amongst your coworkers and totally ignore her belly stretch marks.

In case you haven’t heard, Busted Coverage is based in the Midwest. Yes, the crappy Midwest where rust, unemployment and blazing summers are normal life. But, this is ridiculous.

As a bonus to this heat wave, it’s expected to be even hotter tomorrow. 100-degrees in Ohio is amplified by a life-sucking humidity that’ll rival any Louisiana backwoods.

Can’t really blame manboobs for letting ’em flap out today, but we’re still taking Stretch Marks in this competition. Call us, honey. We have air conditioning.

[More Phillies-Cubs Man Boobs Compilation – Crossing Broad]

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