At Least Your Dad Didn’t Die Trying To Get You That Ball [Video]


What, too soon for the headline? Thought the dust had settled from Rangers fan falling to his death and we could go with it. Anyway, this little brat threw a fit last night over a foul ball at the Giants-Dodgers game. Um, kid, one day you’ll watch this video and see yourself in that guy who is about to take Boots home and play hide the foul ball. Shake it off, son. Just wait until you get dumped for the first time. It’s going to hurt. Bad.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Pretty much had you covered above.

Climax of Video: The replay is priceless as the kid is devastated and the couple celebrates.

Conclusion: What! The Giants marketing department sent the kid a ball? That’s seriously not cool and he still hates his father for not diving over a couple rows of fans to snag a real foul ball. He’s going to take the ball home and talk to it. At night after the parents go to bed. “You’re not a foul ball. You’re just a stupid ball from the gift shop. You suck.” Gonna haunt him. Just watch.

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