$2800 To Hire Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders For Day Of Football [Photos]

While the NFL meets tomorrow in Atlanta to finalize the new 10-year CBA, there are football cheerleaders in the same city who’ve already been going through training camp. (Yes, we’re desperate for anything football-related so you’re getting this.) The Falcons cheerleaders have been team building with camp activities like modeling this new Ford. Did you realize you can hire ATL cheerleaders for your birthday party? True.

According to our research, it will cost you $750 for two cheerleaders for two hours. If you want the ladies to stick around for eight hours while you watch college football, that’ll run $1400 per cheerleader. Um, there’s a two-cheerleader minimum on the all-day deal.

As for this shoot, we’re told by the Falcons cheerleading brass that it’s for a Ford calendar shoot that we assume will be given away at Atlanta-area dealerships.

Estimated cost, if our calculations are right:

8 cheerleaders X ($750 for two for two hours) or $750 X 4 two-somes = $3500

Adjust the costs if this shoot went more than two hours. Maybe there is a buy 6 cheerleaders, get two free deal. Not sure. Contact the Falcons for more info and be prepared to be fingerprinted and provide the F.B.I. with details of where you live.

[Hire The Atlanta Falcons’ Cheerleaders]

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