Santana Moss Hosted Strip Club Party Should Include Lots Of Rain

While our new friend Jeremy Shockey is telling us that the NFL lockout will end Thursday and players will be reporting to teams on Friday, Santana Moss is busy preparing for a strip club party this Sunday. King of Diamonds, a player for the dollar of a man who appreciates a black booty, promises that this will be the biggest superstar party. There just might be a strip club missing it’s host. Prepare accordingly, KOD.

Our friend Dan Steinberg at D.C. Sports Bog points out that this can’t possibly be a case of a strip club using an NFL player’s likeness without approval. Moss has reTweeted the KOD club poster three times in the past 24 hours.

The same club is promising a giant NBA player’s party Friday night with over 50 stars attending.

In other words there is certainly going to be a huge run on $1 bills within the metro Miami-Dade banking market.


[Santana Moss is hosting a party at a strip club]

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