Pouncey Twins About To Plank Alex Morgan At ESPN & Dhani Jones Creepin’ [Pics]


Your move, Longoria. Three really big black dudes have been photographed with your future trophy WAG today and she might not get out of Bristol without a wedding band. Better send the private jet. Seriously, Evan Longoria sent this tweet to Morgan just before tonight’s Rays’ game: “once your done w your whirlwind tour let me know, and follow me! #Congrats.” Sounds like a Favre Jr.

Seriously, in a matter of 12 hours Alex Morgan and getting Alex Morgan’s attention has become job #1 for Male Athlete Nation.

Aaron Murray, Georgia QB:

@alexmorgan13 @hopesolo the UGA football team would love it if yall could come out for a game this year

The Pouncey Twins:

Gettin in some time with @hopesolo and @alexmorgan13 at ESPN #teampouncey#usasoccer thanks for pic!

Dhani Jones:

Hanging out with @hopesolo@alexmorgan13 it’s the premier of #entourage

Better hurry up, Longoria. This one’s about to get away from you. Private jet. Roses. Couple bottles of Evian. A copy of your last paycheck. C’mon bro, don’t let us down.

[Evan Longoria Hitting On Alex Morgan Via Twitter? Blame Him?]

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