Patriots’ TE Rob Gronkowski Working Kate Upton Into A Thick Lather [Photo]

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is absolutely using his time wisely during this soon-to-be-ending NFL Lockout®. Dude seems to have been working out and staying sane by constantly tweeting with buxom 19-year-old SI bombshell Kate Upton. Maybe you’ve heard of her? Anyway, Gronk was up to his old ways yesterday with this masterpiece that caught Kate’s attention.


@KateUpton never tweet my bro again, he is not crazy! I get hyped!

Which led to the candle holder shot.


@RobGronkowski SOMEONE is pretty confident… on twitter haha

Which led to Gronkowski’s brother trying to get in on the action, but he’s not playing the game with a NFL contract in his back pocket.

You think @robgronkowski was impressive? You haven’t seen nothing yet @kateupton!

And we all remember Gronk trying to give Kate a birthday gift.

Have no fears, however, because Gronks isn’t putting all his eggs into one basket. He’s also been tweeting Team USA’s Alex Morgan. Gotta have a backup plan. This guy isn’t a rookie any longer. Just starting to understand the NFL playbook better day by day.


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