MMA Ring Girl Iryna Ivanova Is Also Playboy Miss August 2011 [Photos]

The Busted Coverage inbox lit up at about 4:45 p.m. EST with an interview opportunity with a Playboy chick, which happens quite often, but there was something different about this one. Her name was/is Iryna Ivanova and the words MMA ring girl blinded us. We all know women can be good at modeling, but capable of Playboy modeling, working as a translator and moonlighting with round cards.

What Playboy tells us about Iryna:

Iryna’s worldwide exploration began when she was only 16 and her family moved from her hometown in Crimea, Ukraine to Tucson, Arizona. From there, Iryna continued to pursue her passion for travel by studying abroad and now she “loves to travel to very unknown destinations.”

In addition to her insatiable desire to travel, the brunette bombshell thirsts for knowledge. While working as an English interpreter during the day, Iryna pursues her MBA at the University of Arizona at night. Eventually, Iryna hopes to earn a PhD and become a fashion consultant, but for now, she’s satisfying a different lifelong goal and has drifted aboard Playboy’s shores.

Here is Iryna during a cage girl shoot in 2009.Dreams, guys, that’s all these foreign ladies have about one day leaving their homeland to live in Tucson and get naked for Playboy. Never forget that we live in the greatest land in the world. This proves it.


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