FSU’s Stephanie Pellitteri: Lands NCAA Beach Volleyball Scholarship [Photos]


Way back in 2008 Busted Coverage introduced Jessica Gysin to the Internets. Ms. Gysin became, and still is, the face of NCAA beach volleyball. Over the weekend we caught her on CBS Sports Network playing in a college volleyball tournament. That brings us to today and soon-to-be Florida State freshman Stephanie Pellitteri. She is the first known NCAA Division I beach volleyball scholarship recipient.

It has been two years since the NCAA labeled beach volleyball as an emerging sport, which clears the way for an eventual sanctioned championship if enough schools across the country field a team. 2011-12 marks the first year that the NCAA will recognize the sport and things are really gearing up, from coaches being signed to partnerships with sand companies.

In June it was announced that a New Jersey company, U.S. Silica, will provide sand and guidelines for play.

U.S. Silica’s BEACH WHITE Volleyball Sand meets these standards and has less heat-gain potential than darker sands. It also provides a playing surface designed to offer good jump height and a landing cushion for sand volleyball players.

But let’s get to the good part for dorks who like recruiting news and notes. Ms. Pellitteri of Deerfield Beach, Florida, according to her club volleyball coaches, is going to Florida State on a beach volleyball specific scholarship. A first.

We know what you’re thinking – bikinis? BC is still trying to track down the final word on how the ladies will dress. In the CBS Sports Network volleyball mentioned above, the ladies were wearing this. Again, we’re hoping the NCAA does the right thing, but you know they’ll screw this up somehow.

Anyway, Pellitteri. Get to know her.

*Sidenote: Stephanie is about to become a SI Face In The Crowd.


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