Evan Longoria Hitting On Alex Morgan Via Twitter? Blame Him?


Yes, we’ve created this Evan Longoria making a play at Alex Morgan and the Internets are sorta running wild with it. In today’s Daily Dump we mentioned a Longoria tweet directly to Morgan about the Rays wanting her and Team USA to throw out a first pitch. That’s called a power move. You pick out the hottest chick on Team USA & use your star power. Guess how soon Morgan accepted? Guess who has a boyfriend in Seattle?

The move:

@alexmorgan13 the TB Rays want to have you USA soccer girls out to throw out first pitches and chill at a game!

The obvious response out of a 22-year-old who was unknown to the masses before June 15th.

@Evan3Longoria: @alexmorgan13 the TB Rays want to have you USAsoccer girls out to throw out first pitches and chill at a game!”-lets do it!

But, before we get ahead of ourselves with this sports power couple power play, The Seattle Times comes in with some bad news. Morgan has a boyfriend of four years. Yes, four years. His name is Servando Carrasco and he plays for the Seattle Sounders in the MLS. How do they keep the flame going? Skype.

Listen, we hate to break Servando’s heart here but we’ve been at this game for nearly four years. Let us break it down. Longoria will make somewhere around $13 million (guaranteed) over the next three years and then has options that could eventually help him earn another $30 million by the time he’s 30.

This is how we’d play this. A couple of the ladies from Team USA, preferably the attractive ones, fly down to Tampa for first pitch duties at a Friday night game. Longoria, acting as Mayor of Tropicana Field, meets the ladies before the game and pays extra attention to his new Twitter friend. Morgan is smitten by his quirkiness, the tight baseball uniform and his interest in a new sport. The game starts and Longoria goes three-run dong in the first and caps the night with a two-run, walk-off bomb to beat the Seattle Mariners (Aug. 19).

Longoria, wise beyond his years, tells Morgan during batting practice that he and a couple teammates will show the ladies around the town after the game. She responds with a “Let’s do it,” and the next thing you know her Skype account is deleted and she’s weekending in Tampa.

That’s how it goes down, folks. We know. Have seen it many times. Going 2-for-4 with a walk-off dong drives women nuts.

Stay tuned.



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