New Orleans Bank Robber Goes With S.F. Giants Cap Disguise [Cuff ‘Em]

You guys keep demanding more and more Baseball Cap Bank Robbers so here we go again, this time in New Orleans. If you are keeping track at home, please mark a notch for the San Francisco Giants in the bank robbery division. This fool ain’t playin’ and needs some cash for the weekend. See what police know and Busted Coverage investigators have uncovered.

WWL AM on what the cops are telling media dorks:

Spokeswoman Sheila Thorne says the robbery happend last Wednesday morning at the Capital One Bank in the 6300 block of Elysian Fields.  Thorne describes the three suspects as black males in their mid to late 20’s. A press release from the FBI says two of the suspects “brazenly brandished weapons” during the robbery.

Suspect #1 (above, left) was described as approximately 5’5”, with a dark complexion, medium build, short hair, and displayed a black pistol.  He was wearing a black baseball cap which possibly had an orange logo, a black T-shirt, and a large watch.

Dark complexion? Seriously? Never would have known that from the photo provided by the FBI.

Busted Coverage adds more details about our suspect:

• Left-handed shooter

• Good chance he plays fantasy baseball when not robbing banks

• Probably doesn’t have Nate Schierholtz on that fantasy team

• Played high school ball in the 9th ward

• Thinks LeBron is misunderstood

• Drives a ’79 Cadillac Brougham for the gas mileage

If you have details, but don’t trust calling the fuzz because they might be tapping your line? We’ll split the reward money with you. Send us the tip!

[FBI searching for armed bank robbery suspects]

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