Jimmer Fredette Overtakes Charles Barkley As Worst Golfer In Sports

The numbers cannot lie. Jimmer Fredette’s rookie campaign at the American Century Classic Championship was a dude. Like worse than Charles Barkley dud. 83 – mostly sports figures – entered the tourney & only one guy walked away with the “Worst Golfer In Sports” label. Jimmer. How bad was it? Scoring a -30 (with the very relaxed scoring system) is nearly impossible, but Jimmer hit that mark. Barkley? -16 after 4 days of drinking.

Think about this for a moment: the worst possible score a player at the tourney can score is -36 for a round. Jimmer had rounds of -30, -28 and -30.

But The Jimmer remained upbeat about his performance, seeing the glass as full:

Final round was the best for me. That was a lot of golf but, I had a great time. Next year much improved.

Um, well, when you’re worse than Barkley the sky is the limit.

As for Barkley, swing coach Hank Haney seemed to be impressed by Chuck’s new tee box form and it showed by the Mound of Rebound yesterday outplaying semi-competent golfers Stone Phillips, Shane Battier & Kevin Nealon.