Jeremy Shockey: NFL Lockout Will End Thursday, Players Report To Teams Friday


Just minutes ago, through our vast Rolodex of NFL contacts, we got off the phone with Carolina Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey who was busting it back to Miami from a diving trip to pack his bags and prepare for the end of the NFL lockout. “The deal will be done Thursday and we’re being told to report to Charlotte for a three-day camp the 22nd through 25th,” Shockey said sounding like he was ready to hit someone.

Shockey tells us that, while spending the weekend diving in the Keys, he received a text from some of his fellow players about the great news.

“Obviously the details have to be completed, but this deal is done,” Shockey told us. “The Hall of Fame game is a go. It’s a win-win for both sides.”

Shockey, who signed a one-year $4.2 million deal with the Panthers this offseason, says that there won’t be a loss of games and that he’s excited to get this deal done.

“Both sides worked hard. It’s just great to be going back to football and that everyone can focus on the game.”

Shockey is being told that it’ll be a 10-year CBA.

So there you have it. Busted Coverage teams up with one of the all-time great tight ends to bust this story loose and beat Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter to the punch. Remember where you heard it first and who was willing to go on record about the end of this craziness.

*More details as we get them.


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