Chris Bosh Wedding Photos Include Shaven LeBron James, D-Wade Wearing Shades

Ho hum, Chris Bosh got married this weekend in Miami and the biggest news from the event was LeBron James and his shaved face. Seriously, for the ‘urban’ community this event is totally bigger than the Ben Roethlisberger wedding coming up THIS SATURDAY! But leave it to some rich white dude to be the guy responsible for uploading the only ‘insider’ pics from Bosh’s bash. Repeat, a white guy.

Busted Coverage has been semi-investigating who this Jason Binn guy is who’s photos are the Internet’s only look inside the Big Three’s party. Binn is the brains behind Ocean Drive and founder of Niche Media. He’s very, very wealthy and gets invited to events such as Chris Bosh’s wedding. Anyway, we get our first look at LeBron’s freshly shaven face and D Wade wearing sunglasses to a dim wedding reception. So very hip.

As an added bonus, Scottie Pippen says LeBron James better than Michael Jordan and gets invite to Bosh wedding. Slick move, Pips.