WAG Kelly Brook Recruited By Cuban Defector Boat Company [30 Photos]

In all honesty, a Cuban boating company has not signed Kelly Brook to an endorsement deal. That was just a headline we allowed Kevin The Intern to come up with to fulfill one of his internship requirements. Truth be told, Brook is titillating the locals in Italy where she’s obviously getting R&R before her next red carpet appearance. Tough job, you know. Imagine living with ‘those’ on a daily basis.

Of course the Daily Mail beat us to the scoop on this entertainment story home run.

Her rugby star boyfriend Thom Evans didn’t join her on the trip as it was very short and she will be returning to the UK this weekend.

Her spokesman told Mail Online: ‘She’s gone out with her U.S. agent but will back at the weekend and no, Thom isn’t joining her as it’s a quick trip.’

Pfft, like Thom cares if Kelly is off the coast of Italy. Not like she’s drowning. Listen, Hollywood, get her in another movie Piranha 3D was like way too long ago. Get her into a sport flick. She’ll be a cheerleader who doubles as a secret agent on the side. There is a terrorist plot to blow up Cowboys Stadium, but Kelly is onto the plan.

But she first has to infiltrate the terrorist network. *#()# hits the fan as Kelly has to scale 5 luxury suites, battling towel head terrorists the entire way.

Yes, she’s wearing the Cowboys cheerleader outfit during every fight scene. Blockbuster.

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