Sports Virginity Power Couple Jimmer-Tebow Partnered At American Century! [Photos]


Here is what we learned about Jimmer Fredette’s day of golf today at the American Century Classic: he’s out of his league. As if being a bad golfer wasn’t enough of an embarrassment, the ACC folks just had to partner him with Tim Tebow and Herm Edwards. Two holy rollers & Mr. Speech Pathologist. Snoozer. Meanwhile, Jimmer’s girlfriend was being hounded by the horny bros walking the course.

We happen to know that “Between Tebow and Jimmer there are about 900000000 people here stalking them,” because we follow Jimmer’s girlfriend Whitney¬†Wonnacott on Twitter. Totally legit reason to sign up for an account today.

Anyway, it’s as if the local diocese of virginity put in a call to the ACC and made sure that the two rollers weren’t corrupted by Jim McMahon or Matt Ryan, who won the “Korbell Cork Shoot Off” competition.

As for Jimmer’s game, you have eyeballs. Look at that form and come to your own conclusions. Of course it looks rough, but he has an agent who thought it would be a great idea to expand his brand and mirror the Tebow route. Expect a tell-all next summer.


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