Nick Saban’s Daughter In Twitter War After Cam Newton ESPY Tweet Goes Awry

A single tweet from a 20-something daughter of a SEC football coach can send an entire football conference and at least two fan bases into a frenzy. Don’t believe us? You need to see what Nick Saban’s daughter, Kristen, tweeted Wednesday night as Cam Newton’s face was blasted across ESPN during the ESPYs. Think Ohio State-Michigan is brutal? You ain’t seen nothing yet. TWITTER WAR!

Our friends at somehow swam into the Twitter waters to figure out exactly why Kristen Saban was being bombed by the Auburn Twitter Air Force. This seems to be the opening salvo.

@knsaban Best Athlete goes to NOT CAM NEWTON. Cam I hate your face, and your stupid glasses.

Oh, yes she did.

And it was on from Auburn Nation. You don’t drop Hate Twitter BombsĀ® on Cam Newton without a response from the eastern side of Alabama. Especially when you are Nicky Saban’s daughter. Things got so bad for Kristen, there had to be a ceasefire agreement reached with the Auburn Air Force.

@KnSaban OK, I am SORRY for the Cam comment. But personally attacking me and threatening? Come on people. My comment was harmless. Let it go.

Um, sorry honey, you need to remember that your side tried to kill Auburn’s beloved trees. This isn’t Army-Navy. You can’t have ceasefire agreements by telling the other side to “Let it go.” Ain’t happening. You’ll now need to be slapped around on Paul Finebaum’s show for at least the next 7-8 on-air days.

If you want to go back and relive this war that eventually led to Ms. Saban deleting her Twitter account, go here.

[Nick Saban’s Daughter Kristen In Twitter Battle Over Cam Newton Comments, Alabama Football]

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