Jay Cutler Let His Future Wife Out Of The House Wearing This [Photos]

Dude, seriously, you let her walk out of the house and to the Mercedes-Benz Miami Fashion Week Diesel show wearing a 5.2 carat, $125,000 ring? Don’t have a 1.25 backup? Seriously, bro, she’s literally just a broken heal away from taking a digger into the front row black guys and that ring going flying into the cheap seats. C’mon Jay, use your head. Explain to her there is a lockout. Christ, you’re in trouble.

Let’s seriously get a handle on what Cavallari has on her left hand.

According to Aslam Bakshi of Diamond Images USA, Inc., Kristin’s diamond is an asscher cut, which is one of the most popular modern cuts.

“Since the diamond is uniquely faceted, it has to be extremely clean or close to flawless, as all imperfections are visible to the naked eye,” Bakshi explains to us.

Additionally, the ring boasts 10 round side diamonds, which are estimated to be nearly 1.5 carats. In total, Bakshi estimates the ring to be worth a whopping $125,000!

And she’s walking around in a glass dress! Yes, that is made out of glass! Not kidding! Glass!

Let us remind you, a heal snaps, she goes tumbling, diamond gets cracked up against one of those homeboys dreads and a piece of that dress slices her throat.

Your call, Cuts, but we’d have a sit-down with the fiance about her job choices. Remind her about that 6-year, $48mm piece of paper you signed.

[Miami Fashion Week]


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