Jay Cutler-Kristin Cavallari Wedding Registry: We Bought Them A Reamer


Yes, it’s officially Jay Cutler-Kristin Cavallari day, but we have perfectly good reasoning for each post. And the fun-fest is capped off with news that the couple’s wedding registry has officially hit the Internets for their July 7, 2012 wedding. Can’t get the ball rolling too early. It’s a BC tradition to get a gift for the millionaire couple, so we went with a $3.95 yellow reamer. Reasoning? Not sure, but it’s handy.

Surprisingly, there are many, many options for you if buying the couple a wedding gift brings you joy. Personally, BC is just hoping for a thank you card. A total of $9 to get a thank you card back is so worth it. Just another piece for the man cave if it comes to fruition.

[Jay Cutler-Kristin Cavallari Wedding Registry]

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