Jay Cutler Drinkin’, Readin’ & Tannin’ At Raleigh Hotel With Cavallari [Photos]


If you’ve watched Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler play football, you know he pretty much has the same look on his face all the time — a dumb one.

Throw a touchdown, throw a pick, or give up and stand on the sideline while your team loses to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game? Cutler has the same facial expression doing all of them.

Call it stupidity, confusion, indifference, whatever you want. It’s clear this boy has nothing but wind whistling between his ears.

There was more evidence this morning, when we posted pics of Cutler sitting around at a fashion show in Miami while fiance Kristin Cavallari walked the runway. Actually, those were mostly pics of Cavallari walking the runway, so here’s a better shot of Jay watching.

Yup, same old dumbass look.

Apparently, the dynamic duo of braininess also took some time to hang out by the pool while they were in Miami, which is where the photo at the top comes from.

We’re happy to spare you any further ramblings about Jay Cutler’s IQ, though. The gallery is mostly Cavallari in a white bikini.

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