Here Is Michael Jordan Betting Fans He’ll Hit Green On Tahoe Par 3 [Video]

The American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament got started yesterday in Tahoe with Michael Jordan throwing down bones in a bet with fans that he would hit the green on a Par 3. As if just talking smack to the game’s greatest ever isn’t fun enough for a group of bros, taking money from Jordan would feel even better, right? Well, the bros keep talking trash until MJ walks up to take his shot…and….

Here is the initial betting taking place on a bench. Watch the money being thrown in.

Then comes the real fun – taking MJ’s bones.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Jordan has made a bet with a group of bros who, if they lose the bet, will always be able to sit at a Buffalo Wild Wings and relive the day in Tahoe when they bet Jordan he couldn’t hit the green on a Par 3.

Climax of Video: Ice in his veins. Our boy steps up, takes the shot and hits. Money.

Conclusion: If you are going to lose a bet in life, at least get a story out of it. And the bonus shot comes when MJ takes that money, stuffs it in his pocket and goes about his business. Still the greatest.

Were you one of the guys who lost money to MJ? We want to get the first-person account of exactly how this all started.

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