Elin Nordegren’s New Boyfriend: Opportunist Or Just Playing Out Of His League?

Elin Nordegren is still hot. Guess who isn’t?

Her new boyfriend Jamie Dingman.

He is rich, though, which seems to be a prerequisite for Tiger Woods’ ex, even though she was just a nanny before El Tigre scooped her up.

Jamie is the son of billionaire investor Michael Dingman. He’s represented his father’s interests in China for the past six years and formerly specialized in Russian private equity funds. He also owned an Indy-car racing team and led a failed bid to buy Volvo from Ford.

In other words, he comes from old money, which probably helps with the ladies when you have a face like that. Despite that handicap, he reportedly also dated Tom Brady’s ex,¬†Bridget Moynahan.

You know what they say. Women always go for opposites when they’re spurned — get cheated on, start dating someone ugly who you know will never cheat on you.

It’s some sort of subconscious, reactionary safety thing, I guess.

So this guy scoops up Moynahan after Tom drops her for Giselle and now Nordegren after Tiger got caught throwing his dick around like confetti at a wedding.

He must just wait at the bus stop of hot, jilted females and pick them up when they get off.

Anyway, the New York Post has all the dirt:

Friends say he and Elin met at the Red Cross Ball in Florida last January attended by Princess Madeleine (of Sweden).

“He’s never been so happy. He and Elin have strong feelings for each other,” a friend said. “He’s a classic all-American guy. He’s handsome, a total gentleman and low-key. He’s never been in the press. Elin’s a very lucky girl; he’s a great guy but very private.”

The source added, “He doesn’t play golf.”

Oooooh! Way to get that subtle dig in at Tiger.

In case the shot about doesn’t give you a good enough look at Jamie’s ravishing good looks, here’s another.

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Annika Sorenstam Hits Links With Baby On Board Golf Cart [Photo]
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