Real Madrid Golf Cart Hits Woman, Stops, Keeps Going At UCLA Campus [Video]

Real Madrid is currently training on the UCLA campus for its upcoming friendly against the L.A. Galaxy and it has people in a frenzy. How big of a frenzy. You have to see this woman come out of nowhere to run in front of a Real golf cart on its way to/from practice. Of course there is a low-speed collision. Of course the lady goes flying. Of course the Spanish media was there to record it and as of 2:45 p.m. EST has 428 comments on this video.

Posted: Today

Premise of Video: We’re told this is Real Madrid cruising around on the UCLA campus while enroute to/from practice. It seems that there are proper measures taken to make sure people understand there are golf carts coming through.

Climax of Video: Here she comes! I love you Ronaldo! BAM!

Conclusion: Yes, the proper thing to do was keep going. It’s like the Kennedy assassination. You don’t stop to look around. There could be more bullets flying. In the end it seems everyone was fine minus the dent on the golf cart.