LeBron James Playing Basketball In Cleveland While Heat Trashed At ESPYs [Video]

If for some reason you watched the ESPYs last night, you know the Miami Heat and their championship-less Big Three were the butt of a few a jokes, particularly LeBron James.

Bron Bron himself apparently wanted no part of the jokes or ESPN’s money grab… I mean, awards show. So what did he do?

He returned to the scene of the crime, Cleveland, where he made an entire fanbase, an entire city and probably most of a state hate his self-serving, duplicitous guts. Ironically, it was year after James used the same network he spurned last night — ESPN — to produce his one-hour jerkoff session called “The Decision,” where he told the world he was dumping Cleveland for a better-looking girlfriend named Miami.

Instead of going to the ESPYs, James played in a Fungame Sports Summer League game at The Word, a church in the city he called home for seven seasons. From what we can tell from the Twitter action, it seems LeBron was playing with an Akron team.

By the looks of it, he had some decent competition and being that it wasn’t a playoff game, he probably didn’t choke, either.