Dumbest Cleveland Indians Bank Robber Of 2011 Candidate [Cuff ‘Em]


CC is that you? Columbus, Ohio police are on the lookout for a black guy who has sunglasses, a cellphone, tie, nice dress shirt and a Chief Wahoo Cleveland Indians hat with the New Era sticker on the bill. In one of the dumbest moments in Cleveland Indians bank robber history, this guy made a fool out of himself Tuesday morning. No gun, no weapon of any sort and the wrong kind of ice in his veins. Nothing like getting in a bank robbery during the all-star break.

From WSYX ABC 6 in Columbus:

According to the FBI, the man sported a “Chief Wahoo” baseball cap, dark sunglasses and was talking on his cell phone when he walked into the bank at 3680 Gender Road in Columbus about 9:45 a.m. Tuesday.

Special Agent Harry Trombitas says the suspect walked up to a teller and handed her a note that stated he was robbing the bank and wanted money.

Although no weapon was observed, the teller opened her drawer to retrieve cash.  For some unknown reason, the man got “cold feet” and took off out of the bank with no money, Trombitas said.

Bro, seriously? You come in for the cash, see the cash and start seeing a multiple year jail sentence. Now, we aren’t ones to advocate robbing banks, but didn’t you think that after handing her the note it was all over for you? That’s when the robbery starts, you moron. FINISH THE JOB!

Now the FBI is on the hunt for Chief Wahoo and Columbus residents are fearing their lives as a cold-hearted robber in need of cash is on the loose.

If you know the bandit, but don’t really want to turn in your boy, email us. We’ll gladly take the reward money.


[‘Cold Feet’ Bandit Fumbles Heist]

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