Belen Rodriguez Destroys Formentera Beach [19 Photos]


A couple years ago our friends at Who Ate All The Pies had Argentinian Belen Rodriguez all the way up to #14 in their world WAG rankings. She was on a complete roll within the WAG community and then comes the summer of 2011 and we see her with some banana-boat, mankini-wearing Italian boyfriend on the beaches of Formentera, Spain. No matter, she’s still just a phone call away from sleeping with a futboler. For that she has to be #1 on our rankings.

From all indications this photo gallery is from last week, marking a two-week period of time when Busted Coverage has named a new #1. It’s like the college football rankings. Alabama is #1 but loses to Auburn. Oregon moves into the #1 spot only to lose it to Auburn in the BCS Championship.

One thing is for certain, this battle for #1 WAG in the World is a job we feel Busted Coverage is perfectly capable of, unlike some of those moron BCS voters. We’re easily swayed by a new photo gallery and skin. There actually could be a #1 by 10 p.m. EST tonight. Stay tuned.

[Football WAG Index No.14: Belen Rodriguez]

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