Two Best Heidi Watney Moments At All-Star Game

Moment #1: She took this photo of her photographer (looking at that finger and it’s confirmed he’s married) in the arms of the women hired to swim around the pool at last night’s all-star game. Moment #2: Heidi dips her feet in the pool and tweets to us about forgetting her swimsuit. That’s it. Nothing else even remotely newsworthy. Um, you want to entertain readers, boot the married guy and get in with the bikini chicks.

That’s it. Even ABC is doing its best to drum up anything, having the dude who nearly fell to his death on Good Morning America this morning to tell about how he nearly fell to his death for a $10 ball.

Meanwhile, the biggest celebrities were in L.A. last night for pre-ESPY parties. Tebow= L.A. Jimmer= L.A. Aaron Rodgers signing a yarmulke= L.A.

In other words, Heidi Watney’s two best moments were rather sad. Such is life in baseball.


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