Tim Tebow Fedora Keeps Sun Out Of His Eyes During ESPY Xbox Kinect Summit

Normally we wouldn’t go two consecutive days of Tim Tebow Fedora coverage but this is an exception. Yesterday we introduced you to Timmy going hipster with his hat and today we find out from the folks at Xbox that the Broncos’ starting QB stopped by their ESPY suite to get in a few rounds. Fedora never came off. He was there with his posse and Erin Andrews stopped by. So, too, did Jenn Brown. Other than that we have nothing.

Seriously, instead of flying to L.A. our asses would take an RV. Strip it of all electronics and tell Xbox to come in and start outfitting. Then, the fridge would be filled with every energy drink available. We’d also want a watch – for both wrists. And fedoras. FREE fedoras. One for each day of the week. The RV closet would have plenty of room. We’d also want FREE clothes. Of course we’ll tweet about them later.

What about a new phone? Our asses aren’t driving back to Ohio without the newest phone from whatever-company-is-whoring-out-its-phones at the ESPYs.

And can we get one of those new Samsung iPad like touchscreen computer things? No? Well, your asses aren’t getting reTweeted by us.

We’ll also expect one of the couches when the ESPYs leave the suites at the W. The RV couch was ripped out because we knew that by just saying we need one at the ESPYs, BC would get it.

That should do it, until the Super Bowl with this charade starts all over again.

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