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The Tony Romo Coldplay Wedding Music Video

It has officially hit the Internets, the video that Tony Romo was hoping would be lost in the mail, sea or permanently sealed in a vault until he dies one day. But alas, the Tony Romo-Candice Crawford wedding movie featuring Coldplay’s “Fix You,” has hit the Internets. It’s a high-end production. There are shaving closeups. There are slow-motion shots of drinks being poured. This video is so good your girlfriend will now start bugging your ass for one of these.

Posted: Oh, as quick as we could steal it from Deadspin.

Premise: Hairy chins. White. Cadillacs.

Climax of Video: Romo’s hair perfectly curled.

Conclusion: The divorce one of these days will be remixed to 99 Problems.

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