Look At Bryce Harper’s New Tats Honoring His Mom & Dad [Photos]

That is Bryce Harper sitting in a tattoo parlor chair this week in Vegas where the tatted to not tatted ratio has been hovering at the 3:1 mark, according to our Vegas tat tipsters. Anyway, Bryce decided last night was the perfect time to get ‘Mom’ inked on his left wrist and ‘Pops’ on the right wrist. As if the millions weren’t enough, now the Harper’s will forever be memorialized on their son’s flesh.

According to brother Bryan, who has since deleted his tweets about the tats (but the tweets still exist on yFrog), the boys went out last night.

Kicking it with #BHarp34 till he has to leave back to #Harpersburg tomorrow

That’s right, there is your new name for where Harper is playing AA-ball. Harpersburg! Ha! 🙂 😉

And if you want to complete the full, make you puke Twitter-fest,  feel free to see what Bryce’s sister is up to on Twitter where she uses a #HarperClan hash. Yes, America, your hate for this family will officially come when E! decides to put them on at 10 after the Kardashians.


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