Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Car Worth More Than Your House? [Morning Twitpic]

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo is good at soccer. So good he gets paid a bunch of money, enabling him to afford things like a Ferrari that cost nearly $500,000.

That’s €350,000 if you’re keeping track.

In addition to getting paid a shit-ton of money and dating super model Irina Shayk, he apparently gets to park wherever the hell he wants, too.

The photo above was taken while Ronaldo was dining in Lisbon. He parked the car on the sidewalk, which I guess is fairly predictable.

Douchebag buys a Ferrari, douchebag thinks he can do whatever he wants to… ah, nevermind.

You have to wonder how he can see out those windows — that’s one hell of a tint job.

Does anyone else see bad things happening here? Like maybe a replay of the time that a young Manchester United star totaled his Ferrari in tunnel.

Who was that again?

Oh yeah, Cristian Ronaldo.

[Cristiano Ronaldo’s new Ferrari looks like a Batmobile]

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