Sara Kosar Is Bernie Kosar’s Nipple Sticker Wearing Daughter [12 Photos]

Just a couple hours ago there was a posting on Deadspin where A.J. Daulerio dove into his email inbox to address a scumbag trying to get money to reveal a story alleging that one of Bernie Kosar’s daughters is doing/did/done porn. Well, Internet, you know what comes after one of those allegations. An investigation. Busted Coverage editors jumped into the fray, first figuring out the Kosar family tree and then pinpointing one daughter that just happened to have a nipple sticker photo on her Facebook.

Now, before you wannabe lawyers out there start freaking out, in no way are we insinuating, insisting, saying, reporting or otherwise that Sara Kosar has worked in the porn industry. That is just some dirty, dong waving scummer who is trying to sell a story about one of Bernie’s daughters.

We are just here to show readers that Sara Kosar seems to be a model who doesn’t mind doing nipple sticker modeling for parties.

She’s also into yoga and tequila. Sara is so into yoga that it seems to pay the bills.

Currently, I am attending Florida Atlantic University studying Oriental Medicine.
I practiced yoga throughout my high school years. Yoga has made such a huge positive impact on my life. Yoga truly changed my life.  I was inspired to teach because I want to share my experience with others.  I do wish that I started as a young child.

I am certified in the Barkan method of hot yoga levels 1 and 2. This extensive training provided me with the knowledge behind the yoga postures, stretches and lineage. Yoga is a way of life!

Again, no rush to judgment. Nipple stickers don’t mean that much these days. Neither does a photo that seems to show a Sara Kosar smoking a bowl. Don’t judge. Might be tobacco in that bowl.

And don’t rush to judge a bicep bra. And don’t over judge a bra and panties Facebook photo. We see those all the time.

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[The One Where Some Guy Tries To Sell Us Proof That Bernie Kosar’s Daughter Is Doing Porno]

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